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The story behind the brand Xytorok.

Xytorok (pronounced ‘Khutorok’) means a neighborhood where everyone knows each other, where people share similar traditions, holidays and food. Each house in this neighborhood represents a country from Eastern Europe. We invite you to discover our culture through food!

Xytorok was founded with a mission to provide the Eastern European community in Hong Kong with food products they miss since moving to Asia, and offer something new, different and exciting to locals.

Today, we stock over 300 products from Ukraine, Baltic States, Poland, Georgia, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Moldova such as caviar, herring, curd cheese, kefir, buckwheat, handmade pierogi, sausages, pickles, vodka, and more.

Online Grocery Xytorok is a unique shopping experience with a good – and growing – product selection and in-person payment options.

Our mission is to deliver a taste of home away from home, and let people discover our culture through food.

Need a Cake?

Celebrating a birthday and want a cake that will be the center piece of the party? Something memorable and special for a surprise party or other special occasion?

Xytorok Cakes offer a great variety of spectacular sweet desserts that will delight your guests and energize your party. Our pastry chefs create and proudly produce cakes that are not only a pleasure to behold, but are also a delicacy that will delight your taste buds.

Here are some of the flavors of cakes we offer: Napoleon Cake, Medovik Honey Cake, Anthill Cake, Vanilla Cheesecake.

Xytorok helps make your special day perfect. 

We require 1-2 working days notice on all cakes ordered. Delivery is available, please call us (852) 2146 9603 for details & further enquiries.


Catering service

Xytorok Catering was born out of love for cooking and entertaining for friends and family. Xytorok Catering is Hong Kong’s first Eastern European food service.

We are flexible with each client’s individual needs and help them to accomplish the goals of their event. Xytorok's Catering provides beautiful presentation whether they are wonderfully lavish, quietly elegant, outrageously exciting or even economically affordable to suit your special occasion. In addition to great food, we provide party planning expertise, coordination of outside services such as, decorations, flowers and music.

Xytorok Catering will make your event exciting and memorable. We offer catering for all occasions and are more than happy to tailor a menu to your particular needs.

Our Catering Managers will be happy to assist you in planning your event. 



$145 per head  

COLD STARTERS (choose 3)

  • Roast red pepper & eggplant relish on rye bread with fresh chives (v)
  • Pickles Selection - marinated cucumbers & tomatoes (v)
  • Ukrainian Bacon “Salo” with black bread & horseradish
  • Chicken/Turkey/Pork liver pate canapes & fresh parsley
  • Ham, cheese and olive stick
  • Mini pancakes with smoked salmon
  • Herring with black rye bread topped with coriander seeds
  • Cod liver toast with quail egg
  • Meat & Cheese Platter ($450)                   

SALADS (choose 1)

  • Beet Salad Vinegret (v)
  • Herring Salad ‘Herrings Under Fur Coat’
  • Potato Salad 'Olivier' 

DESSERTS (choose 1)

  • Curd pancakes & sour cream
  • Anthill Cakes


Terms & Conditions

Prices listed include preparation and delivery. Some extra delivery charges may be applicable depending on details of location.All orders include disposable plates, napkins & cutlery on request. Minimum number of 15 guests is required. $2000 deposit is required upon confirmation to secure availability of chosen time and date, all outstanding balance is due 72 hours before event time to cover preparation of ingredients. All payments must be cleared in our bank within these deadlines. Failure to make these payments on time may affect our ability to provide the service/food advertised. In event of late payment, we shall do our best for you but we reserve the right to make changes to your menu without notice.

If you need to rearrange or cancel the event to any time within 2 weeks of original date, no balance will be lost (subject to agreeing mutually convenient new date, based on same terms as original event).

Any change of date within 3 days of the event will result in incurred costs depending on the amount of perishable food already prepared and costs incurred up to 100%.



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2146 9603


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